Winhelp Demos

Download these Winhelp demos;
you won't see them anywhere else.

For developers, these Windows Winhelp demos provide demonstrations of the potential of Winhelp.

For help authors, they offer solutions for some perennial technical problems.

Keep them all in the same directory and they'll keep track of each other. We'll be adding more here soon.


Winhelp Demos in No Particular Order:



Formatting Tables: Colors, Borders, Shading and Watermarks: A brief list of methods on table formatting in Winhelp, plus a free slide show!

Moreover, did you know about the hidden Enhanced Metafile menu option in Excel?


Controlling Access in Winhelp with a Password: Use macros and bookmark sequences to control entry to a Help System. You have to click on the right sequence of buttons to get in.


Controlling Access in Winhelp with an .INI file: INI. files can still be useful on occasion. Save your help file settings, or your Last Accessed Topic ID. Guide users to various browse sequences, or build a "Tip of the Day" help system.


Future Winhelp Demos: Vaporware:. A compendium of potential Winhelp demos; we would like to collect as many of the tips and tricks in these demos as possible. Most of the really neat stuff is seeded at least in part from the work of previous help authors.





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