Winhelp Renovations

Adopt, Renovate, Repair and Upgrade

We provide solutions for software developers and IT management:

·    Do you need to outsource your help authoring?

·    Have you inherited a help system you need to rebuild?

·    Do you need to update your existing RoboHelp® projects?

·    Have you lost your source files for an important system?

·    Do you need to reverse-engineer a help file with links and graphics?


Copperfield Publishing can adopt your help projects. We rebuild, renovate and upgrade existing help systems. If you have older Winhelp files, we can upgrade them to the newer format of your choice. If the information is old, we can update it. If the interface needs help, we can give it an "interfacelift."

Let us breathe new life into an outdated and listless help system... We can move it to a larger, more versatile platform. We can add color, images, and multimedia, or redesign your navigation to something more intuitive.

Write or call us with your Information System problems.

Give your Help an InterFaceLift.




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