Winhelp to Web Conversions

Leverage your existing Winhelp system into a Browser-based Internet or Intranet system

Copperfield Publishing can convert your existing application or standalone help systems. We can provide several formats designed for delivering information across a web. As each industry giant competes for the browser marketshare, each has their own unique and sometimes conflicting standards for web-based help:

      Microsoft's HtmlHelp: compiled Html designed primarily for application help, but can be used with Internet Explorer 3.x and later for the Web, in an uncompiled format.

      Sun's JavaHelp: a cross-browser, cross-platform help system that is fast approaching the standard help functionality.

      RoboHelp's WebHelp: a cross-browser, cross-platform help system that offers similar help features to Winhelp and HtmlHelp. WebHelp is designed to run on:

    Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.x and above

    NetScape's Navigator 3.x. and above

    Windows platforms



These pages are an example of one of our customized WebHelp systems.

Here's another one.


You don't need to reinvent the Wheel.

Leverage your Information to the Net.




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