Web-Based Help

Put your documentation online using WebHelp;
a cross-platform, cross-browser Help system.

When your information system faces the perils of the World Wide Web, the last concern you need is compatibility problems. WebHelp provides users with a uniform functionality and appearance between browsers; this gives them a look-and-feel continuity, no matter what browser they use. WebHelp uses Html, JavaScript and/or Java Applets to create the Ultimate Help System.

Planning on building application help? Consider using a compiled HtmlHelp system. HtmlHelp offers self-sizing popups, advanced full text search, glossaries, favorites tabs, and dynamic features not usually available in Winhelp. Despite its name, HtmlHelp is not intended to provide help pages over the World Wide Web, but it can be used on some Intranets.

Do you want to put your present help system on the Internet or on an Intranet? We can leverage your existing Winhelp files quickly and efficiently into WebHelp. Bitmaps are converted into .jpg or .gif files, topics into Html files, Help jumps into web links.

These pages are an example of one of our customized WebHelp systems.

Here's another one.


Eliminate printing costs, shorten turnaround time,
and provide up-to-the-minute data.

It's about creating
the best possible Help System
for your users.





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