Word Processing Tools

Here are a few tools to help you flex your muscles as a Wordsmith.




ReplaceEm: (Was BkreplacEm) : The ultimate Search and Replace tool. You gotta have this one! Scriptable multi-file routines you can save and reuse.



Bill Klein sends a 'high-five' to the help authoring community and websters everywhere. He's created an excellent tool for web and help authors alike. Paste your text into the From and To windows to create reusable scripts – Grab whole directories, use wild cards. We rebuild massive numbers of web pages, and use ReplacEm to add extra Html and JavaScripts. Some uses; add extra functionality to your Html-based help you built with a commercial Help Authoring Tool. Perform massive search and replaces through entire directories. Update URLs, e-mail addresses, and hyperlinks. Highly recommended.




By Bill Kleiin at: mailto:bill@boolean.ca

Download: bkrep20.exe (572 KB) from http://www.boolean.ca/replace/ or Alltheweb® ftp search

URL: http://www.boolean.ca





Word Macro: QuickJump Create a jump to a topic of the same name in seconds.

Freebie Word Macro



Highlight single or multiple words, and instantly create a Winhelp jump with this macro. It creates a green double-underlined link, followed by the exact same word or phrase, replacing the spaces, hyphens, and apostrophes with underbars, and setting the text to ‘hidden.’ Note: Change the (Underline = wdUnderlineDouble) code to Single (Underline = wdUnderlineSingle) to make the text hotspot a popup.




Link to page Word Macro: Quickjump

Author: Copperfield Publishing

URL: Copperfieldpub.com














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