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There are a few great tools out there for Winhelp; you just have to look for the gems. Sub and Superscript fonts give you footnotes and some limited mathematical notation. Some .dlls are available, but we need more good 32-bit ones.



About Tab: Add an extra one to the dialog box. It looks good.
Shareware $10.



This DLL adds an "About" tab to your Winhelp 4.0 tabs.



Do you need to see your company graphic on an "About" window? Fine. Is it worth adding another DLL to your help system? OK. Download this.

You can add one custom graphic. If you want any text on the window, you'll need to put it in as part of the graphic. (25K)

Author: Andy Brundell

URL: Ninth Wave Software:

Note: updated URL and address.





Subscript\Superscript Arial Fonts: Add footnote and math notations. It's 2 cool.




Sub and Superscript Arial; install these TrueType fonts along with your help file to provide the sub- and superscript characters Winhelp can't.



Winhelp has no mechanism for sub and superscript typefaces. The common workaround is to insert them as graphics. It's not a good solution, especially if your documents are rife with them. The alternative: install the fonts in the normal installation process, or use Winhelp to install them. Test for the Windows platform and for the existence of the files in the Font directory; If they're not there, copy them over. You could do this with any font, but it's particularly useful here.



images\supersubarial.jpg (43K)

Author: The Monotype Corporation (address unknown)

URL: unknown














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