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"No Non-scrolling Regions in Html." It's been said for the last couple of years. "Create another frame and another Html file for it." Easy enough to say unless you have any more than a few topics. Got a thousand? Forget it.

Here's an Html and JavaScript approximation of the Winhelp non-scrolling headers. The navigation icons in the bottom right-hand corner use one version of them. Look for some variations on the non-scrolling regions below.

Check out the Global Lookup for websites and help systems. Double-click on a word on any page to see how it works. It could save you a lot of time making active links to a lot of tiny definition files.



Non-Scrolling Headers: Jabberwocky

Here's a simple demo of a non-scrolling region. We added a header to Lewis Carrol's classic; the perfect subject matter with which to build an extended page.


Non-Scrolling Headers: How To...

Paste a line of code or two into just three places, and watch your title non-scroll at the top of the page while you scroll down.


Non-Scrolling Footers

This demo positions the NSR at the bottom of the page. Plus, a historical documentary that makes even less sense than Mr. Carrol's poem. Very Edifying.


Non-Scrolling Footers: How To...

The skinny on the footer. You've seen one version down there (nod) at the bottom of your screen . . .


2-Way Non-Scrolling Regions for Large Maps & Tables

Here's an interesting use of the NSRs for Big Maps and Really Big Tables. This table is about six feet wide. Ok, if it were on paper, same scale, it would be about six feet.


2-Way Non-Scrolling Regions: How To

Giving away all of our secrets again… How to get those latitude and longitude rulers positioned correctly. These layers synch and float at the same time!


NSRs Using IE’s Overflow - Chapter V: Advice from a Caterpillar

Here’s is a non-scrolling header and footer, borrowed from Internet Explorer: it uses the CSS Overflow parameter. It won’t look like much in NetScape, but works like a charm in a .chm or ebook!


Non Scrolling Regions Using IE's OverFlow: How To

Steady Non Scrolling Headers and footers for HtmlHelp .chm files, and for IE browsers 4.0 and above, explained. Short and sweet. . .


About the Global Lookup Scripts (GLU)

Create a global lookup system where every word is a hotspot to a quick definition or translation! Double-click on any ordinary text on this page, and try it!


Global Lookup Script (GLU): Web

Here's the details. Download the script file, and paste in one line of code. What does it do? Create an instant lookup for your custom glossary. Nifty!


Global Lookup Script (GLU) for a Custom Dictionary

Use an instant glossary to look up occupational terms. This method keeps all of the definitions in one html file. Needs some polishing to work on all platforms and browsers.


Using Cookies for WinHelp-style Annotations in Html

We've had cookie-based annotations on the site for years (try 'Take a C-Note' at the top), but we never explained how it was done. You could always look at the source code, right?

Besides, someone else had written a how-to elsewhere on the web, based on C-Notes. But now it's gone.

You'll find a more accurate explanation here.


Image Popups from Thumbnails

It's easy enough to get a clean window to popup from a link or thumbnail… but how do you get a tight window, without the white margin, on the fly? Answer: pass the image to a page already defined as having no margins. Bonus: popup window closes when it loses focus.


Dynamic Expressions in CSS

This break the rules by calling a function from a style sheet. Expand all the href links on a page, or highlight the current page in a Table of contents. IE only.


Embedding Fonts with WEFT

Display the exact typefaces you want by embedding them into your web pages, help files or ebooks. Use MicroSofts' free WEFT tool to embed specific fonts into your pages. IE only.


Browser Button Scripts

Test these nifty mini-scripts that will display the cookies a site will leave on your workstation, to see the source code, to shut down a nag-filled site, or to zoom in and zoom out of a web page.


Breadcrumb trails

A useful, modular set of JavaScript functions that provides an easy navigation tool for users. Build your hierarchy of pages and plug the include file in wherever you want to see a breadcrumb trail.






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