Intranet-Based Help

Build A Company-Wide Web System of Your Own.

Copperfield Publishing builds Intranet-based help systems that keep up with your company's changing information needs. We work with writers and trainers to maintain large online libraries. We update thousands of pages on company intranets in any given day.

We can help you build your help system from the ground up. Or, we can convert your existing system to your company intranet. Most of the functions you are familiar with in traditional help systems are available on a network or intranet, plus a few extras.

We work with your business experts to document company procedures, or we can convert your existing source files to the help platform of your choice. We provide freedom to your writers, while we take care of the mechanical details of building the help systems. We can add unique functionality to your systems, choices of visual themes, quick updates, and third party content providers. We can rebuild the entire system anew every day, or it can build itself dynamically, each time you call it.

Control Access to Company Information on the Company Intranet.

One Help System,
One Source,
One Update.




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