Put the Dynamics of the World Wide Web
into your Application Help.

HtmlHelp is a help format designed for applications, and compiled from html pages. It has the functionality of Winhelp and adds the dynamics and connectivity of the web. It features a dynamic TOC, multi-level index, Full-text search, shortcuts, training cards, and related topics functions.


HtmlHelp leverages its html with Microsoft's ActiveX controls. HtmlHelp is displayed using the HTML Help engine included in Windows 98/2000. It will run on Windows 98 and later without any additional software installation. HtmlHelp will work on other 32-bit Windows platforms; Windows 95 and NT 4.0 require installation of the HTML Help engine. HtmlHelp can run on NT and Novell networks, provided the HTML Help engine is installed on each desktop linked to the network. HtmlHelp can also be published in an uncompiled format for the web.

HtmlHelp provides the seamless integration of
workstation and web content into one help system.

Put a window to the world in your Help System.





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