Graphics Processing

We're Very Manipulative.

A city utility had a major upgrade of their operations software, and some 12,000 images in their manuals were obsolete. The training department was busy rewriting the procedures, and six people spent almost a month recapturing the screen images.

The screens had the AS-400 interface in a window; black, with brightly colored text. They wanted white screens with colored text for their online help system. It would be easier to read, and easier to print.

They hadn't realized they weren't all using the same screen settings when making their captures. We had images with 256, 16-bit, and 24-bit color. We had screen sizes of 640x480, 800x600, and 1024x768 px. Two users had the "Desert" theme for their windows.

We converted all of the images to the same size and palette. We swapped the black backgrounds for white ones, changed the light colors to their darker versions, and cropped away the extraneous edges. We framed, padded, shadowed, and trimmed almost 12 thousand images, all on time and under budget.

Need to build an image database, gallery, or photo album? Need to resize, rotate, filter or watermark a lot of images? Paste in your company name on 500 product shots? Prepare a portfolio for the web? Call or write us. It may be easier than you think.

Polish your Image.

All 10,000 of them.






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