GLU: Global LookUp Scripts

This small JavaScript include file makes every word on your Html or HtmlHelp page into a self-defining hotspot. Try it here: double-click on any word, and a popup provides an instant definition or search window. Use one of the free online dictionaries, or use your own.

If you have a glossary or custom dictionary for your help system or site, consider linking it your site with GLU (every process needs a nifty acronym: why not GLU?). With New and Improved GLU:

    Every word can be linked, and every link is transparent. When you're done, it won't look like a badly formatted ransom note.

    It can replace or supplement a glossary; your users will never have to search to look up a word again.

    Double-click to select a word; GLU grabs the selection and does a word search on it. GLU eliminates the hours of mind-numbing labor required to make definition hotspots!

    You can link to any of a number of general or specialized online dictionaries. Use it to provide definitions, synonyms, and searches.

    Build a medical reference, and link all of those Latin words to a medical dictionary. Create a self-referencing Law Library, or Spanish lessons with an instant translation capability.

    Build your own customized dictionary, and you can control the content, the appearance, and the functionality of your definitions. And, you won't be surprised because your dictionary changed its lookup arguments.


Ok, fine. What do I do?

Here's the two-step method to adding Global LookUp capabilities to your html and HtmlHelp pages:

WebGLU: Web-Based Global Lookup

And here's the three, er multiple step method to using a custom dictionary.

SiteGLU: Site-Based Global Lookup with a Custom Dictionary


We think its a great idea!


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