Future Winhelp Demos


Here's a list of potential Winhelp Demos. No schedule, and no degree of urgency or priority. Write us and vote for one.


Navigation: Enable, disable, enhance or destroy the standard and floating menus. Add an "About" window with a custom icon. Create new and multicolumn menus. Buttons, panes, graphic menus, Print All Selected Topics.

Windows: Control windows, panes, popups, virtual windows. Modify or hide the menu bar, title bar, frame, and margins of windows. Change window appearance, titles, and controls "on-the-fly."

Tip of the Day: complete tip of the day system without using a .dll. The tip sequence can be "random" or consecutive. This should be fun...

Multimedia: Cd, avi, wav, midi, & mp3 players, without a .dll. A DJ in a Help File. Hiphop in a Popup.

File\System Commands. File Handling: Find, Create, Read, Write, Edit, Save, Delete files, Run Apps & Batch Files, change Windows settings, redirect text, access the registry, format a floppy!

Variables in Help: Build help systems for multiple clients from one source file. Customize your help by changing images, phrases, paragraphs, and topics with variables. Build a completely new help layout with a few clicks.

Dynamic Winhelp: Animation, Interactivity, status reporting, usage tracking, invoking applications, menus, and keystrokes for Show Me Help...

Faux Menu: Presentations: simulated menus and slide shows - or maybe we should put Show Me Help here, too...

Win32API: Use functions found in the Windows Applications Programming Interface. Make Winhelp dance tight little circles.

DLL help: Use functions found in Dynamic Link Libraries (.dlls) anywhere. This should be a good Sherlock Holmes of .dlls tutorial.

Linking\Manipulating Apps: calling & editing Word documents and Excel spreadsheets inside a Winhelp window. This uses e-Help's .dll. Accessing various data sources and their applications, using theirs.

Multi-Tips: Include files, multiple macros, multi-customers, multi-versions, patching icons into help, word macros, compiler date, super/subscript fonts, shortcuts, attaching fonts, training cards, control panel, timed commands, exporting topics/info, bypassing browse sequences, hiding compiler errors.

Htmlhelp: Non-scrolling regions, two-way non-scrolling regions for large maps and tables, agents, text-to-speech… Uncompiled HtmlHelp, Using the HtmlHelp Applet, Customizing HtmlHelp…this could be its own Top Ten List!



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Available upon release.

These demos will be largely self-contained, with as few .dlls or other supplementary files as possible. Because Winhelp is already highly compressed, sometimes WinZip® doesn't decrease the size enough to warrant using it.







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