Applications & Other Essential Tools

You might find something Helpful here . . .

Occasionally, we get questions about How We Do Stuff: questions about methods, questions about tools and applications. We try to answer them all as completely as we can. Hey, we're Helpful people.

But we can do better . . .

We Can Tell You, or We Can Show You…


Here's a handful of Winhelp & Html-based Help ideas for your amusement:


Winhelp Demos: These three Winhelp demos are self-contained, single .hlp files. No .dlls, no extra files. Download them all, and store them together. They'll keep track of each other, and show up in each other's menus. Look for more here soon.


Html & JavaScripts: We've included a few useful scripts for help authors and webmeisters. Find non-scrolling headers and footers, draggable, floating toolbars, and AutoLookup scripts that use a commercial online dictionary, or your own local glossary. Check out the scripts, and watch this space for more in the near future.

And We Can Tell You What We Used…


Besides the Help Demos, we've listed some of our favorite freeware, shareware, and can't-live-without-ware.


Applications & Other Essential Tools: A small library of tools we have found useful. You might find something among them you can use yourself. Discover a good one? Please let us know!



Word Processing Tools: A few tools to use on words or in Word.



Winhelp Tools: A good start on making Winhelp a little more flexible.



Web-based Help Tools: So much great Html help out there, where to start? The free stuff, of course!



Graphics Tools: Make Drawing and Coloring fun again.



Programming Tools: Get serious about fiddling with bits



Utilities, File Tools: Control your files. Show 'em who's boss.



Ebook Tools: Html pages compiled into .exe's.







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