Copperfield Publishing
has been making complex things
seem simple
for over 40 years now.

We can Help you.

Copperfield Publishing specializes in online help systems. We work with the IT teams, the software developers, and the training professionals to create the ideal online reference.

That ideal may be anything from a quick how-to guide to an encyclopedic CD.

No matter what format is used, logical construction, clearly defined tasks, and concise, straightforward language is essential.

A good help system should be easy to use. It should be easy to find answers to the questions at hand, and the answers should be comprehensive and to the point. Poor documentation reflects badly on the product.

The well-written and well-planned information system should lend itself to a natural conversion to online help. Simple directions and clear language work in any medium.

Whether the platform is Windows® or Web, whether for an application or as an island of information by itself, we can help you put your words and images within easy reach of your chosen audience.

Exacting language in a well orchestrated help system…
we deliver the right information
to the right audience
at the right time.




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