Software Documentation

"I don't read User Manuals..."

You've heard it before. Most of us don't read them unless we have to. We're in a hurry. We have deadlines. If we have questions, we want the answers now. Being productive depends on getting good help; good help provides the answers you need when you need them.

Good help requires authors who possess a host of diverse skills: a "quick study" in technical matters, the ability to look at and organize information, and the writing skills to convey that information to a specific audience.


·  Documentation:

· Help design and layout

· Procedures for user manuals and references

· Step-by-step tutorials

· Original graphics as design elements, navigation and logos

· Screen captures for use in illustrations

· Batch processing, manipulation and conversion of images

·  Winhelp for Windows® 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME:

· Full-featured help systems with searches, indexes, and web links

· Windows-level and context-sensitive help

· Incorporate hotspot graphics, sound and animation

· Help Agents, "Show me," and "What's this?" help

· Multimedia, Tutorials, and Networked Help systems

·  HtmlHelp for Windows 98, NT, 2000, and ME:

· The functionality of Winhelp on an Html platform

· Windows-level and Context-sensitive help

· Incorporate hotspot graphics, sound and animation

· Expandable text, popups, indexes, and dynamic search options

· Self-contained Html viewer integrates help and web content

·  Web browser-based help based on your platform:

· Microsoft’s' uncompiled Html Help

· Sun System's JavaHelp

· EHelp's® cross-browser, cross-platform WebHelp

· eBooks in a compiled Html viewer.


We work with the client to build the ideal information system. If you wish to provide the content, we can build the help, navigation, and theme at your direction. If your writers want to continue editing their regular Word documents as the basis for their network, intranet or web updates, we can work with them. If you want to update several hundred or several thousand pages a week, and you don't want to wade through the oceans of information, we can.

User Manuals They Really Use.




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