Graphics Services

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Need a Burning, Spinning Logo? We hope not. We can provide something a little more original for your web site.

Copperfield Publishing can build your graphics to order: we create logos, web graphics, and screen captures of your software for illustrating manuals and online help.

Some graphic work goes beyond the usual. Do you need your own unique typeface, or to process a cartload of screen captures? Perhaps you need your own video tutorials for your complex procedures.

Digitize your Company Logo, or your signature, or create a Company Typeface? We can build TrueTypeŽ fonts to fit your Corporate Style.

Copperfield Publishing can process your existing images to your specifications. We can crop, transpose colors, paste, stretch, shadow and optimize thousands of images before your Project Manager can say "deadline creep."

Need an online tutorial? Let us create video demos that show exactly how to perform those complicate procedures. These are screen capture movies that run from both Winhelp and browser-based help systems.

If a picture is worth a thousand words...
videos are 16 thousand words a second.




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