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Let’s talk about us...

Who we are:  We are a modest shop with big ideas. We are a close group of artists and writers with a digital bent. We offer our own unique complement of written, visual and technical skills. These pages are an example of those elements working together.

Several of us have our roots in traditional publishing. We have been instructors and writers, designers and artists. We embrace change and value tradition.

Where we are:  Copperfield Publishing is located in Anchorage, Alaska. While Anchorage might seem a bit far away, modern communications has helped to close the gap. With email, overnight mail, group conferencing, and instant messaging, communication has never been easier. You may as well be in the very same city.

We live just across town in this global community.

Whom We’ve helped:  For starters, how ‘bout the US Government? We’ve built help systems for Raytheon, British Petroleum and the Federal Aviation Administration. We’ve created information systems for networks and web-based credit card accounting for the Department of Transportation. We built help systems for all of the Federal employees who travel and must account for it. We’ve documented Data Acquisition Systems for Raytheon, account processing for FedEx and government regulations, tariffs and procedures for the Telephony industry.

Unless you’re a federal employee, or work for one of these companies, you might not ever be able to see examples of our work. That’s why we're providing several unique help demos.




Questions or Comments? mail to: info@copperfieldpub.com.





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