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Front: Leonardo daVinci's File-Making Machine, c. 1490. Ambrosiana, Milan. Pen, ink and wash.

Leonardo's file-making machine epitomized two ideas that are central to the process of automation. It embodied methods of automated production and quality control, all in a single elegant device.

In Leonardo's File-Making Machine, a weighted rope, suspended and unwinding from an axis, powers the hammer. The same axis and weight turns a large geared wheel and threaded shaft. The threaded shaft moves an anvil and file blank along in a smooth, continuous motion as the hammer swings. The hammer uniformly scores the file blank each time it lands a blow.

The File-Making Machine speaks to us of Leonardo's creativity and genius. It speaks of the virtues of science, engineering and design. It reminds us that the simplest ideas can change the world.

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We Hope to submit some ideas and helpful tools to developers, web designers and help authors. While our contribution is not near the significance of anything contributed by Mr. DaVinci, we offer them in the same spirit of exploration and discovery. Leanardo however, for good reasons of his own, was inclined to share his ideas with only the rich and powerful.


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